Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Uruk Hai - Heulend Horn split!

Heulend Horn discography

  In March 2015, Uruk Hai, the well-known austrian fantasy ambient metal project of Alexander "Hugin" Wieser, and Heulend Horn got in contact. Immediately, Hugin and Curwenius told to Furias Records their initiative of making a split, and the label accepted without hesitation. It is the first split to be edited by Furias Records.
  After a couple of mails, Uruk Hai delivered three tracks (more than 30 minutes of music), but Curwenius only had a few draft compositions for Heulend Horn.
  Anyway, in the first days of April, Heulend Horn got four tracks (27 minutes) for joining Uruk Hai music.
  All tracks, for both Heulend Horn and Uruk Hai, are unreleased, brand new songs.
  There is going to be a special entry for the release day, but the Uruk Hai - Heulend Horn split name will be Three Ages of War.
  Cover, case and booklet art is already finished, and the layout was made by F. Curwenius.
  The album is ready to be released by Furias Records.