Friday, 22 May 2015

Furias Records announces Uruk Hai-Heulend Horn split

Heulend Horn discography

  Furias Records has officially announced that is going to release the Uruk Hai - Heulend Horn split in the next months. This is the text in the website: "The well-known austrian cult fantasy ambient metal band Uruk-Hai and the pagan black metal argentinian band Heulend Horn have finished their first split album together. The album is already recorded. It's called "Three Ages of War", and contains 7 tracks (almost 1 hour of music). It is going to be released by Furias Records in the next months, being the first split to be edited by the label."
  You can visit it at Furias Records site.
  Also, this will be the cover art:

  Booklet and art layout was made by F. Curwenius.