Tuesday, 28 April 2015


A Winter Synth project

  This was a project that Curwenius wanted to start from a while. Since the creation of Mitternacht, he was a follower and a fan of Vinterriket, creator of the Winter Synth genre, it could be said.
  After finishing his work with Vridd Gren, Curwenius immediately started a project called Eislandschaft, exploring this hipnotic genre, the Winter Synth. The full length was named Lethargie im Schnee, with six tracks called Weisse Blindheit, Sleeping in the Ice, Augen in den Bäumen, Eine Klagelied in den Bergen, A hand waves in the blizzard and Nördlichen Flüstern. No lyrics, only gelid synth sound and freezing melodies. Proposed cover art is:


  The album is still unreleased.
  Below you will find two tracks for listening online.