Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Vridd Gren

A Dungeon Synth project

  Despite Mitternacht was considered as a reference for the genre, after connecting with Andrew from the Dungeon Synth blog and the Dungeon Synth VK group, Curwenius started working on the idea of a new synth project, much more quiet and closer to a Mortiis style.
  In this way, Vridd Gren born in middle 2013, with a full length work named Skapninger. Four long tracks with short narrated lyrics, all on the topic of nordic folkish mythological creatures.
  Track names are: Noekken, Troll, Tusser and Underjordiske. Proposed cover art is:

  The album is still unreleased. 
  Below you will find a link for the track Tusser.