Tuesday, 28 April 2015


A 90's Dungeon Synth project

  Once finished all previous projects, Curwenius had the idea of recreating the 90's Mortiis sound in a new Dungeon Synth project. But in this case there would be no samplers or software synthetizers: only a pure Roland EM-20 keyboard native sound, just playing and direct recording, instrument over instrument.
  The project took shape as two long songs, deeply immersed in the Mortiis first era sound and style. It was named Goblintropp. Track names are Troop of Goblins (16 min) and The Grotto of the Whispering Mushrooms (21 min). The work was titled Tunnels under the Forest. Proposed cover art is:


The album in unreleased (in fact, it wasn't sent to the label up to now).
Below there is a link to the final 10 minutes of the track Troop of Goblins.