Thursday, 23 April 2015

From the Caucasus to Gotland

Heulend Horn discography

Released in 2006 by Furias Records (Argentina).

 Track List

1. Leaving the Horn of Miklagard.
2. The Knorr Crosses the Black Sea.
3. Towards the Dnieper's Mouth.
4. Kiev has Fallen.
5. Nordic Ghost.
6. The Death of Ormr.
7. On the Black Sea of Gotland.
8. Eykr's Lament.
9. The Words of Odhinn.

Total time: 42 min.

  This second album of Heulend Horn, keeping the viking black metal guitars and style, added a lot of folk instruments from Asia and Eastern Europe. This was strongly connected to the concept of the album. It tells the story of two Varangians (special nordic guards of the Eastern Roman Emperor) who refuse to be baptized (ordered by the emperor itself). This situation takes them to a journey (the name of the album) with many characters and apparitions.
  Black metal vocals were performed by guest vocalist Vargulf, clean vocals by Lord Edwar and all instruments and narration by Curwenius.
  Recording by F. Curwenius and mixing by F. Curwenius and Lord Edwar.
  Art layout by F. Curwenius.