Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Fourth album of Mitternacht

Mitternacht discography

  In 2013, a new album of Mitternacht was composed by Curwenius. Music follows the line of the previous albums, orchestral with intense percussion.
  It consists of nine tracks and 45 minutes long. There is no vocals or voices (at least up to now) but plenty of sound effects. In fact, every track has a story to be narrated by these sounds.
  Curwenius kept working on the album in the first months of 2014, and then he presented the finished work to the label. 
  The album is under evaluation by Furias Records.  It has no name yet, but track list is:

01-The Fluttering Black Flags of Empire Earth
02-Last Charge of Hannibal
03-Lament of the Nova
04-Funeral of a King
05-Through the Silverwood
06-The Dream of the Pharaoh
07-First Encounter with Fomalhaut Migration
08-The Turning Point of the Century
09-An Ambush in the Forest

Total time: 45:52