Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Raise of the Secret Cities

The Raise of the Secret Cities - Mitternacht discography

Released in October 2004 by Furias Records (Argentina).

Track list

1. The Sighting of the City.
2. Fall and Rise.
3. The Apparition.
4. Synthetic Fallen Angel.
5. The Tide of Rotten Souls.
6. Lux Fare, The Light Carrier.
7. The Raise of the Secret Cities

Total Time: 44:43

 This was the second album of Mitternacht. This time Curwenius was able to record and mix the whole album. It follows the composition line of the previous "Desolation", with a stronger keyboard and percussion sound.
  The cover art is a painting of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), "Saint Sophia, The Almighty Wisdom". All booklet painting and detalis used in the booklet were taken from the work of this russian painter.
  This second album has a concept too, under the point of view of a character named as "the Wanderer", who witnesses supernatural events under the surface of the Earth.