Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fragments from the 13th Century

Heulend Horn discography

Released in 2013 by Furias Records (Argentina).

 Track list

About the sacrifice of the warrior
1. First Fragment
2. Second Fragment
3. Third Fragment
4. Fourth Fragment
5. Fifth Fragment

About the coming of the Aryans
6. Sixth Fragment
7. Seventh Fragment
8. Eighth Fragment
9. Ninth Fragment

Total time: 43 min.

  Third album of Heulend Horn. This time the tracks were faster and blacker than the previous work, but keeping the folk brushstrokes. The lyrics explore the "warrior" topic, and they are connected to battles and the longed return to home after the bloodbath. Lyrics were written by Lord Edwar.
  In this third album there is no clean vocals, and most of them are the typical black metal vocals. For the first time, all vocals were performed by F. Curwenius, in charge of all instruments as well. Recorded in early 2011, Fragments from the 13th Century would wait more than two years to see the light.
  Recording by F. Curwenius, mixing by F. Curwenius and Lord Edwar.
  For this album, all paintings are details taken again from the work of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), most of them strongly attached to the viking topic.
  Art layout by F. Curwenius.