Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Desolation of Blendenstein

Mitternacht discography

Released in June 2002 by Furias Records (Argentina).

Track list

1. The Desolation of Blendenstein.
2. The Pain of Uncertainty. 
3. The Crushing of Blendenstein.
4. Mist of Ravens. 05:24
5. A Tribute to the Void.
6. The Unveiling. 

7. The Dawn of Uprising. 
8. War Against the Void. 
9. Last Battle in the Fields of Blendenstein. 
10. The Desert Beside Blendenstein. 

Total Time 50:39

  This was the first album of Mitternacht. Friedrich Curwenius started this project by June 2001, with inspiration in the keyboard passages of some symphonic black metal bands. Also, by those years, Curwenius listened for the first time the work of Mortiis, adding even more inspiration and encouragement for starting his own project.
  Mitternacht music started without guitars, but keyboards, percussion, narration vocals and sound effects.
  Narration along all ten tracks follows a story about a desolated land called Blendenstein, ruled by the sinister Ultrabishop.
  Art layout and design was made by F. Curwenius.