Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Saga of the Draugr

Heulend Horn discography

Released in May 2003 by Furias Records (Argentina).

Track list

1. Part I: The Raise of the Unresting One
2. Part II: The Dead Wanderer
3. Part III: The Master of the Winds
4. Part IV: Raid of the Drakkar Wolf
5. Part V: Duel and Epilogue

Total time: 47 min.

  The first album of Heulend Horn. Heulend Horn roughly means "howling horn". With this project, Curwenius took the viking topic in concept and musical style. Unlike Mitternacht, Heulend Horn has strong black metal guitars, black metal vocals (guest vocalist Vargulf), with some clean voice passages (Lord Edwar) and spoken vocals (Curwenius), spiced with sound effects and a varied instrumentation. 
  The five long tracks tell a story based in a viking mythology, specifically on the shape of a wandering draugr. The draugr was the living dead for the ancient vikings, with very special characteristics. 
  Recording was made by F. Curwenius and mixing by F. Curwenius and Lord Edwar. 
  Art layout was made by F. Curwenius too.