Thursday, 23 April 2015

8 Visions of the Time Pilgrim

Mitternacht discography

Released in October 2007 by Furias Records (Argentina).

 Track list

1. -10000: The Retreat of the Giant Glaciers.>>mp3
2. -3200: Sumer, the First Garden.
3. -800: Carthage, Mother of Rome.>>mp3
4. -100: Rome, Murderer of Carthage.
5. 0: Death Defeated Forever.
6. +600: From the Sands Came the Word.
7. +1300: The Medieval Plague.
8. +1900: The War Ruled on Earth.

Total Time: +44:00

  Third album of Mitternacht, the first one being completely instrumental. Due to that, the sound is strongly orchestral, with a lot of brasses, cymbals and timpani. Despite there are no vocals or lyrics, there is a concept anyway, relayed on the track names and album title. It regards to the observation of a character named "the time pilgrim" along the history of mankind.
  Art layout was made by F. Curwenius.