Thursday, 7 January 2016

Heulend Horn - Uruk Hai split released in January 5th

Heulend Horn discography

  The HEULEND HORN - URUK- HAI split, "Three Ages of War", has been released days ago by Furias Records. This is the first split ever released by the label. All tracks, for both Heulend Horn and Uruk Hai, are unreleased, brand new songs composed for this album.

Track List

1. Voice of Deception
2. Horrific Creature of Darkness
3. The Greatest Servant
4. Fangs of Doom

5. Where Once He Walked Alone
6. The Deep Elves
7. The Black Years

 total running time 57:50

  Track 4, Fangs of Doom, is available below.